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listfiles.dll v1.10 beta3 by Carpe Noctem
Fast and customizeable DLL for scanning a directory and its subdirectories, outputting data in a file or sending signals to mIRC.

Submitted Review Author's Updates
This seems to be the updated version of Carpe's (misanthrop) previous uploaded version to listfiles.dll. You probably should have just updated what you already had on the site, lol.

Anyway, the dll does seem to run a lil faster than its predecessor. Not much else to say, read the readme and the changelog section for details.

Keep up the good work misanthrop

Reviewed by Astro
September 13th, 2005:
f fixed bug reading ID3V2 tags from MPEG files

+ experimental support for Ogg Vorbis files, the length is only estimated by nominal bitrate, not the real bitrate

+ filenames and dirnames containing ä, ö and ü are now compared correctly (Ä/Ö/Ü uppercase of ä/ö/ü)

f fixed some docu errors, e.g. reading id3v2 title you've to use v2_tit2 and not id3_tit2

September 23rd, 2005:
+ added a function to find out if a volume is FAT (on which the files should be unsorted) or NTFS (should be sorted)



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TheArkiveFeb 26, 2012 2:25PM
Just wondering if it is always going to output all results to the status window? I like the signals, great stuff there, but every time I use /dll listfiles it outputs all results as well as the last line (OK "" blah...) in the active window.

This is mIRC v7.22

EDIT: never mind ... another script had "echo -a $1-" in an ON SIGNAL event .... heh heh ... oops

Text edited by author on Feb 26, 2012 @ 2:44PM

Foi_MalMar 13, 2009 12:54AM
If I use "d" in mode parameter, the dll dont respect the "wildcards" parameter.


alias test {
noop $dll($listfiles.dll, setoutput,<dir><fname>)
noop $dllcall($listfiles.dll, echo -q, listfiles, fhd > test.txt > E:\Guilherme\Musicas\Anos 80\Anos 80 - Na Pista\ > *.mp3 > )


E:\Guilherme\Musicas\Anos 80\Anos 80 - Na Pista\14 - Música Urbana - Capital Inicial.mp3
E:\Guilherme\Musicas\Anos 80\Anos 80 - Na Pista\Anos 80 - Na Pista.jpg

now, for test, I dont use the "d" parameter:

alias test2 {
noop $dll($listfiles.dll, setoutput,<dir><fname>)
noop $dllcall($listfiles.dll, echo -q, listfiles, fh > test.txt > E:\Guilherme\Musicas\Anos 80\Anos 80 - Na Pista\ > *.mp3 > )


E:\Guilherme\Musicas\Anos 80\Anos 80 - Na Pista\14 - Música Urbana - Capital Inicial.mp3


Please fix, I need the "d" mode and the wildcards together.

sry for the bad english and thx ;D

Foi_MalMar 13, 2009 8:41PM
If possible, add one mode parameter to look the dir in the search.


alias test {
noop $dll($listfiles.dll, setoutput,<dir><fname>)
if (!$1) { noop $dllcall($listfiles.dll, test 1, listfiles, fh > test.txt > E:\Guilherme\Musicas\ > *ACDC*.mp3 > ) }
if ($1 == 1) { echo -a Files 1: $lines(test.txt) | noop $dllcall($listfiles.dll, test 2, listfiles, fh > test.txt > E:\Guilherme\Musicas\ > *.mp3 > ) }
if ($1 == 2) { filter -c test.txt test2.txt *ACDC*.mp3 | echo -a Files 2: $lines(test2.txt) }


Files 1: 0
Files 2: 184

Files 1 = result of "*ACDC*.mp3" dll search.
Files 2 = result of "*" dll search, more "*ACDC*.mp3" filter.

sry for the bad english again...

smasher5Nov 18, 2005 3:41PM
this is an awesome thing to have, i remember i used to have to use warez list back in the day when i wanted to generate lists of directories. Good work on this, i think i might have to, with permission, include this with polaris. nice work.

Carpe NoctemNov 20, 2005 8:38AM
feel free to use it

ShadowKlownSep 19, 2005 8:46PM
How do I make it return the results in alphabetical? or is there not a mode in the dll for that?

Carpe NoctemSep 21, 2005 12:12PM
the data is not ordered by the dll, the order on NTFS formatted drives should be alphabetically, but I'm not sure if this really is the case. On my windows (only NTFS drives), the data was returned alphabetically, therefore I never added such a option.

if you want the data for a list, mIRC allows you to specify the "sort" style for dialogs, if you use MDX'ed list controls, there is also a way to activate sorting
for @windows there is also a flag for sorting or you may use the /filter command for this

if you need an option for sorted outpuf, I may think about adding such a flag or adding a second function that does the job

ShadowKlownSep 21, 2005 8:24PM
Oh that could be the problem, as it returned them alphabetical on my ntfs drive, but on my fat drive where i have all my media stored, it returned it all out of order, Lol.

I could just use the @window flag, just was wondering if there was a function built in already that did it and I was missing it.

Carpe NoctemSep 23, 2005 4:10PM
With this problem I got the idea of making a function to find out if it is NTFS or not, which allows you to left sorting disabled if the drive is NTFS... disabling the sorting flag should speed up the process, because mIRC has only to add the line at the end of the window instead of comparing the data with each line in the window

ColbySep 23, 2005 7:24PM
You could just filter it to a /window -s @abc and read it.

ToXedVirusSep 14, 2005 9:27AM
there is no source code of the id3v2 tag reader.

Carpe NoctemSep 4, 2005 6:13AM
The reason why the dll is resubmitted is, that I lost the password for my account and the mail account doesn't work anymore, therefore, no mail - no password submission... no password, no way to change the mail adress for the account... of course, I should ask an admin about deleting the old account ;)

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