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Average Rating:   9.4   Tab completer v1.7 by jizzy
Opens up a list of matching nicknames in an @window for you to choose from when you hit the tab key.

Submitted Review Author's Updates

There is no review for this file yet.
Now works anywhere in editbox even if it isn't the last word.
Window no longer pops up if there is only one result.
Window is now positioned in relatation to the channel window position rather than the mdi.
Cleaned up some code.
Nicknames are now sorted from least idle to most.
A space is now appended to the end of the completion if its the last word.
Can now keep typing while the window is open.
Non apha-numeric characters are now ignored when matching.
Pressing back space, escape, or closing the window now highlights the completed nickname in the editbox.
Removed the space being appended when you hit enter.
Cleaned up some more code.
Cleaned up even more code.
Added some identifers and aliases to remove duplicate code.
Change the behaviour of $tabtok to find the window itself.
No longer appeneds space for :?.', characters
Now displays the number of matches in the titlebar
Matching charcters are now shown in bold (this took a bit of effort so i think its worth an update)
Minor bug fixes


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GauravNov 5, 2006 3:08PM
This is pretty awesome, thank you.

I like how it closes when I click away or continue typing, also the ability to scroll the matches using TAB is also handy.

^Vampire^Oct 2, 2006 11:54AM
Why would you open the window and only later check if there's one match?
I suggest you first check if there's ONLY one match.
If there is one match, complete it in - without opening the window.
If there is more than one, open the window.
If there is none, do nothing :p

jizzyOct 2, 2006 8:57PM
And how would I implement this writing to a file is out of question, a /var maybe?
But you never see the window and its only writing one line to the window so its not going to eat any resources.

^Vampire^Oct 3, 2006 1:08AM
Well if you'd use $fline, you'd shorten the code + be able to use a condition to check it.

jizzyOct 3, 2006 1:32AM
I dont follow you, that would still require the window to be open

^Vampire^Oct 3, 2006 11:30AM
No, it wouldn't.

If you were to search a nick starting with "s", you could use this:
to retrieve how many nicks start with s in the channel.
If there is one, return that one (using $nick($active,$fline($active,s*,1,1)) <-)

It could also make the code overall more efficient, if you use it that way.

jizzyOct 3, 2006 7:54PM
ahh very nice cheers

^Vampire^Oct 5, 2006 11:02AM
np :)

im waiting for an update on the 9th! :D

jizzySep 24, 2006 1:30AM
Sorry guys, forgot to include the code in the last update lol. Hopefully an admin will let me update again.

Marantz-Aug 18, 2006 11:09AM
Since update:

UNCOMPLETE Unknown Command

jizzyAug 19, 2006 1:25AM
Sorry left a debug line in there, remove this line:
on *:close:@nicks:echo -s $active | uncomplete

ZiOxIdEAug 6, 2006 3:59PM
Rating:     9Nice job.

Two things I would suggest is that if there is only one nick that matches the text entered, you shouldn't pop up the window. Also, you should be able to complete the nick if it isn't the first word in the editbox. Like it was said earlier, you should be able to complete "B told T blah" to "Bob told Tom blah." I made the modifications for myself and they're easy enough to do, so it would be a nice update.

Besides that, awesome snippet.

Text edited by author on Aug 6, 2006 @ 9:43PM

myndziAug 4, 2006 5:09PM
You guys have got to be kidding me. "New" idea? "Great" idea? Khaled added the tabcomp event, and this is one of the only things you can use it for. It's not some brilliant new addition to the world of scripting or anything. I've got nothing against jizzy, just the way people seem to comment and rate things around here. Do any of you guys actually base your ratings on actual thought?

Edit: I'm only saying that it doesn't take a great deal of intuition to connect the "TABCOMP" event with tab completion. It seems like in all the comments I read, scripts like this get all the "omg 10 great idea" comments, and scripts that actually deserve comments like that get rated "nice, 8" ... and the reasoning is random and arbitrary. It just so happened that this one epitomized the phenomenon and I felt like ranting.

Text edited by author on Aug 4, 2006 @ 6:12PM

hixxyAug 4, 2006 5:14PM
You can use the event to play christmas jingles if you want to.

I rated it a 10 because it's a great idea. If 1,000 people made it, it would still be a great idea.

ZergAug 4, 2006 7:03PM
i totally agree with you.

zzattackAug 5, 2006 2:06PM
I agree. You of course know a great deal of scripting, you've been around. If I wanna see if a snippet is interesting to look at I would look at your rate and hixxy's rate, not at Amidos' or iScripters'. Anyone could come up with this, and sure, someone wouldve made something like this sometime anyway. The thing is, if known scripters like hixxy rate things like this a 10, then why shouldn´t Keith````````````release one of his mirc-browser-with-black-backgrounds that completes URL's (from history or w/e) when you hit tab (yeah i know it couldve been done before)?

myndziAug 5, 2006 3:15PM
Now completing urls from history would be an interesting idea. That's the kind of script where comments about the "idea" would make sense. This kind of script deserves comments about the implementation or the code itself.

With all this offtopic garbage, I should offer some feedback for the script itself by now. It's short, clean, and doesn't look like a n00b wrote it. It works in the situation for which it was designed. If you want to have some fun and make it a more solid entry, you can try and make it work in more than just the first word in the line, and/or when the cursor is not at the end of the line. This is a little past the scope of the snippit though due to the way Khaled supported the tabcomp event with complementary identifiers and all. (Read: he didn't)

zzattackAug 5, 2006 7:09PM
myndzi said:

If you want to have some fun...
Then also make it able to complete multiple nicknames. Like hey F tell M to inform C => hey Fred tell Mark to inform Carl or something.

AmidosAug 4, 2006 3:11PM
Rating:     10new and great idea!

SparkleAug 4, 2006 2:18AM
Rating:     10This is lovely, I wrote something similar for myself today. And this is quite sweet, good job.

I am now actually hesitated to release, my snippet differes from yours, more aliases and different handling. But it won't harm anyways. :-)

Text edited by author on Aug 4, 2006 @ 6:13AM

iScriptersAug 3, 2006 3:47PM
Rating:     8Nice one! 8/10

hixxyAug 3, 2006 3:02PM
Rating:     10Great idea.

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