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Average Rating:   10   Smirc.dll v1.02 by twigboy
An extremely neat DLL that links mIRC to a famous notification software to make decent mIRC notification popups.

Submitted Review Author's Updates
I never knew about the software "Snarl" but I had to visit its website after looking at this DLL. However, I downloaded the software, loaded the DLL and started using it.
Few minutes later after I stated playing with the DLL and Snarl I found out now neat it is and how the DLL simulated everything as if Snarl already supports mIRC.

This DLL adds a nifty feature to both mIRC and Snarl using such classy notification popups.

Nice job twig!

Reviewed by Sparkle
v1.0.2 (18/07/2007)
- Fixed S_OK and S_ERR being duplicated in 'Smirc' function.
- Added callback signals when -c flag is specified.

v1.0.1 (09/07/2007)
- Added alot more functionality (UpdateMessage, SnarlVersion, IsSnarl,
HideMessage and IsVisible)
- Changed /Smirc syntax to support icon and be more flexible
- Updated SnarlAPI interface to v37
- Added the source files.
- Fixed documentation so examples work.

v1.00 (05/07/2007)
- Initial private release.


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h4x0rDec 1, 2010 2:21AM
Rating:     10Epic~

sogemplowNov 2, 2009 11:58AM
What version of mIRC has this been tested on? It doesn't seem to work on 6.17.

ReBeLJul 19, 2007 6:18AM
:D very good

twigboyJul 18, 2007 1:59AM
comment was about new features in v1.02

Text edited by author on Jul 27, 2007 @ 10:54PM

ChrystofferJul 17, 2007 9:48AM
Rating:     10cool

blinkJul 17, 2007 5:43AM
Rating:     10masterpiece.

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