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Average Rating:   1   Pbot Channel/Server Protection bot v3.92 by Solo
A dedicated, smart and unobtrusive channel protection socket bot with numerous options.

Submitted Review Author's Updates
After loading the script I configured the Bot to join my channel which is quiet large and has a spam problem. I found P-bot to look after my channel nicely without any mishaps. I was particularly impressed with its spam pattern matching capability which was right on every time. It also has option such as flood protection and a clever bad-words list capability. I also gave P-bot an Oline. This allows P-bot to detect spammers, blacklisted IP addresses, and TOR users P-bot then acts accordingly to the users settings.

I do wish the options were more flexible such as timed bans and to be a little bit more flexible on its reaction in the channel protection module. All in all P-bot is more then enough to protect numerous channels and even an entire server from spammers, bot-nets, floode's and all the unwanted kind which most users meet on a daily basis on IRC. Well done.

Reviewed by leexor
Update 3.1 Revised and significantly improved spam filters and protection algorithms.
Update 3.3 Revised and significantly improved spam filters and protection algorithms. Also added few more features.
Update 3.4 A few small bug fixes
Update 3.5 Update to dialogs
Update 3.7 This is a significant update to the script with strong recommendations to download.
Update 3.71 Added new protection algorithms, reworked the dialogs even further, and some bug fixes.
Update 3.73 MASSIVE update, new protection algorithms and revamped help files. Script now auto updates when new version is available. No need to manually update anymore.
Update 3.85 Significant update. Strong recommendations to download.
Update 3.89 pbot now downloads huge proxy ip list, to aid scanning connecting users.
Update 3.92 many improvements


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ManicWaldoApr 11, 2011 12:33PM
I have the same question about using Pbot on a server that requires a password. Although from what I can see .. it would require additional scripting.

NZRazorMar 27, 2011 5:10PM
Is there a way to get PBot using a password for a server?

Also, can we set the email for the PBot user name somehow?


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