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Average Rating:   10   /download v2.0 by hixxy
This script lets you download files from the internet via HTTP or FTP. It raises multiple signals so that you can respond to certain events (such as chunks of the file being downloaded, the download finishing, etc). Please read the comments for a full description.

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some_scripterApr 24, 2012 5:50AM
Rating:     10Great script. Just what I was looking for to replace the old htdl.mrc I was using which didn't seem to support CHUNK

Added feature for redirects.

at bottom of "alias download"
%my_last_url = $2
%my_last_filename = $3-
%my_last_sockname = $1
raisemessage * /download: Downloading $2 to $3- < line already there

and after your (*404 Not Found* section of
on *:sockread:download_*:{
if (Location: * iswm %data) {
.signal download $mid($sockname,10) Moved to $gettok(%data,2,32)
sockclose $sockname

and in my own on *:SIGNAL:download: {
I added features to check for "Moved to" and I process the url, and reuse the socket name and filename and re-call your download alias with the new url
if ($2 == Moved) { .timer 1 0 download %my_last_sockname $gettok($1-,-1,32) %my_last_filename }

Works great.
I know the last used sockname is passed as parameter #1 in the signal procedure, but still used a variable just in case ;)

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