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Pacman online for mIRC v13 by Wims-
Pacman online for mIRC! The game let's you play a pacman game with your friends and others people where each player is an human (no AI) and is either a ghost or a pacman (four ghosts max) It has a lot of features, see the readme.txt for more informations. Load the installer and use either the popup or /pacman to install.

Submitted Review Author's Updates
this script has not been reviewed yet
Changed the server wher the files are stored for installing and updating.


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TheHewbieFeb 28, 2012 12:15PM
site containting game files is returning 404 not found on any of the files, as the file downloaded was only a script installer, shame wanted to try this game out :D

Wims-Apr 4, 2012 10:23AM
Yep sorry, I'm updating this with dropbox ;)

edit: it's updated.

Text edited by author on Apr 4, 2012 @ 10:36AM

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