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  new!   Rotating P2P(UDP) RC4 Encryption ScriptcCopy to Clipboard

User: #28228
Joined: Jul 1st 2004
Posts: 3
Would anyone here be interested (should i even BOTHER submitting) a P2P UDP Socket RC4 encryption script that rotates the key every second?
you use your own key with it, and then the md5 of $time is added at the end, AND, the script works great inbetween two people, even without synched clocks. EXAMPLE OF ENCRYPTION:

<Shadow> rotating keys rule
19:54:46 134ecfe876f9bb7669af88eba776ca55d69280ef6b2cab3b8a05b6
<Shadow> rotating keys rule
19:54:47 cb39c459930d30e92a2ee61d00115458317eab016729f189b5745b


(note that this is not going through and irc server, but from one computer to another using UDP sockets, just like mircs DCC, though that uses tcp port 59.)

Text edited by author on Jul 1, 2004 @ 8:58PM

Jul/1/2004 8:55PM


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