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Intro to mIRC
mIRC is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client that allows you to chat with millions of people across the world. mIRC is highly configurable, with the use of it's own built in scripting language. You can create your own personal scripts and addons or load pre-made scripts made by other users, which can be found in our file section. For more information about mIRC, visit the mIRC homepage at

Download mIRC v6.31 This is the newest version of mirc with mostly bug fixes and updates with a few minor additions.

mIRC 6.31 Versions.txt Forum - Here you can discuss the latest additions, fixes, and updates for mIRC's newest release.

No. Additions or Fixes Last Comment Comment Views
1 Fixed tooltips bug in toolbar.
by sesimiz
at 12/05/10 11:11pm
Comment [4] 3715
2 Fixed /background window name bug.
by sesimiz
at 12/05/10 11:15pm
Comment [2] 2894
3 Fixed remote.ini scripts folder bug.
by sesimiz
at 12/05/10 11:15pm
Comment [2] 2234
4 Fixed dns pool message bug during connect retry.
no replies Comment [0] 1872
5 Fixed notify window taking focus every time you connect to a server. The notify window also no longer automatically closes when you disconnect from all servers.
no replies Comment [0] 1882
6 Fixed tips control codes bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1852
7 Fixed if/elseif error display bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1952
8 Fixed /window -dh not hiding desktop window.
no replies Comment [0] 1852
9 Changed $tip() $null parameters so that they are now optional.
no replies Comment [0] 1822
10 Fixed script editor Windows taskbar display bug.
no replies Comment [0] 2089
11 Fixed /dll crash bug with self-calling dlls.
no replies Comment [0] 1886
12 Fixed on START event not being triggered before all other events on startup for loaded scripts.
no replies Comment [0] 1974
13 Fixed while loop break/continue bugs.
no replies Comment [0] 1843
14 Fixed /writeini error handling bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1892
15 Fixed ial not being updated by protect/ignore/etc. commands.
no replies Comment [0] 2025
16 Added @wid support to /setlayer.
no replies Comment [0] 1918
17 Added /tips [on|off] and $tips identifier.
no replies Comment [0] 1839
18 Added "Hide tips when locked" option to lock dialog.
no replies Comment [0] 2025
19 Fixed editbox/listbox focus bug when switching windows.
no replies Comment [0] 1889
20 Fixed $inellipse() bug by enabling floating point consistency option in compiler.
no replies Comment [0] 1837
21 Fixed /hinc bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1850
22 Fixed -nouninst backward compatibility bug.
no replies Comment [0] 2306
23 Fixed flickering in channel nickname, channels list, and all other window listboxes.
no replies Comment [0] 2119
24 Changed script editor interface slightly, now cleaner and easier to read. Added Check Bracket/Sort Variables items to Edit menu, line numbers to margin, and enter/home key indentation support. No longer flickers when resized.
by sesimiz
at 12/05/10 11:14pm
Comment [6] 3395
25 Updated to PNG 1.2.22 and PCRE v7.4 libraries.
no replies Comment [0] 1842
26 Fixed double-click on treebar notify nicks bug, now triggers correct Clicks dialog notify list alias.
no replies Comment [0] 1860
27 Fixed on ^filesent/rcvd not /halting text bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1969
28 Fixed treebar notify nicks menu not having $1 set as nick.
no replies Comment [0] 2137
29 Fixed installer bug with mIRC/help file not being launched on install completion.
by sesimiz
at 12/05/10 11:13pm
Comment [2] 2169
30 Fixed unicode encoding bug when pasting large amounts of text.
no replies Comment [0] 1881
31 Fixed unicode not being copied to clipboard correctly from a @window with no editbox.
no replies Comment [0] 1842
32 Changed right-click behaviour in custom dialog listboxes to allow selecting an item without checking its radio/check box.
no replies Comment [0] 1880
33 The default text for /list numerics 321 and 323 can now be halted.
no replies Comment [0] 1904
34 Added SSL option to automatically accept invalid certificates.
no replies Comment [0] 1855
35 Fixed @window tabs display bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1830
36 Tips now shade each alternate message that is added to an existing tip to make it easier to distinguish individual messages.
no replies Comment [0] 1942
37 When bars are locked the drag bars are now hidden from view.
no replies Comment [0] 1927
38 Added /abook -h switch to open highlight dialog.
no replies Comment [0] 1909
39 Fixed background picture display bug when loading large images.
no replies Comment [0] 1867
40 Fixed line width/height measurement bug in @windows, now the same as non-@windows.
no replies Comment [0] 1872
41 Fixed /splay and /sound error display bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1882
42 Fixed saving tray/maximized window state bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1901
43 Fixed /drawtext clipping bug when using tabs.
no replies Comment [0] 1980
44 Fixed tray icon click multi-monitor bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1885
45 Fixed reload log files bug when lock log files option is enabled.
no replies Comment [0] 1946
46 Fixed Editor "Monitor File Changes" memory bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1971
47 Changed behaviour of "Hide minimized desktop windows" option so that query, message, and chat windows remain visible when they are first opened minimized on the desktop.
no replies Comment [0] 1925
48 Fixed /hinc and /hdec maximum value bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1855
49 Fixed clipboard handling bug.
no replies Comment [0] 1937
50 Fixed $longfn() routine not appending / slash to the result when it is a directory.
no replies Comment [0] 1886
51 Updated the mIRC icon and over seventy other icons in the toolbar, switchbar, tray, and window icons.
at 3/14/09 9:48pm
Comment [2] 2445
52 Fixed treebar focus bug when selecting item in treebar while mIRC is not active application.
by sesimiz
at 12/05/10 11:14pm
Comment [1] 1907
53 Fixed some settings in editor dialog not being remembered if it was closed using the cancel button.
no replies Comment [0] 1943
54 Fixed favorites dialog gpf bug when editing folder name. by sesimiz
at 12/05/10 11:14pm
Comment [2] 2155