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LoKo PicWin Scripts 3/13/12 4:51pm

here some picwin scripts that i never finished but well may be 1 day i'll just combine d codes n create a good one n about d nickname ShAdOw thats because i used to use it few years back now i use SykO but since i could register with that here i use LoKo but well tell me which of these you guys like the most
1024x2950, 466kb
Last comment: LoKoRating: 9 (1 total)View: Image | Comments (2) | Both

htiek Hollow v4.0 3/13/12 4:51pm

hey guys, me again, seems like the website has gone down hill in the screenshot section. this is just a brief screenshot of HolloW v4.0. i haven't really scripted in a long while due to video games and life, but i am looking for some really good mp3 player icons. any suggestions? don't bother flaming anything, as i only add things whenever i feel they are nessesary. forgive my grammar and spelling, don't give a shit about that either. thanks.
1920x1080, 347kb
Last comment: Il-kaneRating: 10 (1 total)View: Image | Comments (1) | Both

xdesoto Epimetheus Update 3/13/12 4:50pm

Just more done to it than the last version.
Same rules apply, criticism is welcome.
Flaming is welcome, I don't care.
1024x768, 166kb
Last comment: Il-kaneRating: 9 (1 total)View: Image | Comments (1) | Both

sh33p Picwin script 3/13/12 4:50pm

will release if enough people want it not without errors but im sure somone who had time could fix the script is 10 years old lol n i found it on my old hard drive just sitting there n thought id see if anyone wants it
1063x1588, 107kb
Last comment: htiekRating: 10 (5 total)View: Image | Comments (6) | Both

tewl mirror (white minimal) 1/8/12 7:53am

now with tarot, and auto-play/choose function, and a couple graphic enhancements..

considering making this into an exclusive script with various interconnected variables and triggers for multiple user interaction..

can run automatically when idle as a sort of juke box..

variables are customizable, such as color functions, randomized loop peaks and integrated intelligence editing..

also, if anyone knows of a synthesizer dll for mirc let me know..

1191x908, 546kb
Last comment: OuttaControlXRating: 1 (2 total)View: Image | Comments (3) | Both

Xpl0iter2 Xprotection 1/8/12 7:52am

Projected i started working on Again.

Basically, a protection system
868x1552, 189kb
Last comment: htiekRating: 6.5 (2 total)View: Image | Comments (3) | Both

Xpl0iter2 Xprotection 1/8/12 7:52am

This is my currently project.

A protection system to manage channel.
868x1552, 189kb
View: Image | Comments (0) | Both

Chrystoffer mircglass.dll beta 3 1/8/12 7:51am

The dll now adds the windows of mIRC (status, channel, pvt, dcc ....) in the taskbar can choose the window faster (win7+)
1168x465, 366kb
Last comment: sh33pRating: 9.5 (2 total)View: Image | Comments (4) | Both

Il-kane God-IRC 1/8/12 7:50am

1034x778, 217kb
View: Image | Comments (0) | Both

Il-kane God-IRC 1/8/12 7:50am

Options dialog
1034x778, 219kb
View: Image | Comments (0) | Both

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