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Full Scripts & Addons
These are prebuilt, ready to go scripts. Full scripts generally do everything and addons can be added to any script to extend functionality. All of our full scripts will be fully reviewed so you know exactly what you are getting.

Scripts... Addons...

These are in-depth articles that usually show you how, step-by-step, to complete a certain task in mIRC, like performing a clonescan or creating your own custom identifiers.


Code Snippets & Misc Files
Code snippets are generally small pieces of code such as an alias or identifier that perform a certain procedure. These are useful when you are looking for a single technique to accomplish something, such as an identifier to align text to a certain width. Misc files are not necessarily related to mIRC, but maybe helpful when writing scripts, such as the RFC1459 (IRC protocol).

Code Snippets... Misc Files...

User Interaction
To help our visitors become more involved in, we have set up a public forum or message board, to let you discuss your ideas, ask your questions, or whatever you want. Anyone is allowed to post and we have quite a few regular users, so if you have a question, post it there and there's a good chance someone will answer it.

If you want to show off your scripting skills, you may want to compete in our scripting challenge. These usually last from two weeks up to a month, depending on the challenge.

Finally, if you have something, anything, that you think belongs on, you can use our submission form to send to us. This is a great way to promote scripting and to share your ideas! :)

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Other Stuff..
Also on this site, we usually run a weekly poll, asking a question about mIRC and/or Internet-related things. These polls are just for entertainment purposes and to survey our audience, but please, do not use the results for anything serious, as the results may be skewed by ballot stuffers, although some measures have been employed to prevent that. You can also search through our content, with more details on the search page.