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thame^Dec 22, 2007 2:37PM
Oh boy.

LindrianDec 22, 2007 3:30PM
Where can I download?

MicEikenDec 22, 2007 7:19PM
Rating:     1ew

Sky NetDec 23, 2007 2:14AM
it looks like a script i know from years ago showdown pro

to mant buttons this looks ugly.

mr_manDec 23, 2007 8:24PM
You mean there's another "script" out there that's as bad as this?

Axis-Dec 23, 2007 2:24AM
this is classic LOL

SidDec 23, 2007 5:09AM
Rating:     210 "Set Your Settings" buttons in one dialog?
why do you need all that?

your away system.
you have a button for everything, why?

"Set your away timer" and "Away timer on".

Waste of space, ruins the dialog.

"Set your away nick" and "Set your back nick"

again, waste of space, and ruins the dialog.

One thing I did like is the background image behind the main status window, and the background of the switchbar, though I don't know how that would look if you were actually connected to a server, and hanging in some channels.

haxDec 23, 2007 5:54AM
i'm sorry to see your script ;x UGLY

twigboyDec 23, 2007 5:57AM
Rating:     1+1 point for listening to Mozart

Its not necessary to add "by Ice" everywhere ...

Infernal_DemonDec 23, 2007 6:12AM
Rating:     1This is complete trash!! Delete and start over!! Merry x-max

Vic`Dec 23, 2007 6:27PM
so is this site.

ApachaiDec 23, 2007 7:19AM
Rating:     1ugly - that graphic hurts my eyes - too much buttons - windows xp skin sucks! - why are you so willing to show your nickname?

hixxyDec 23, 2007 9:50AM
Rating:     10Simply amazing!!!

I would like to hire you to design some software for my company. I've been looking for someone with your talent for a long time. PM me for details!!

LindrianDec 23, 2007 10:20AM
Sarcasm at it's best :)

mr_manDec 23, 2007 12:34PM
What do you mean? I thought he was serious.

zzattackDec 23, 2007 1:33PM
so how do i Set My Settings again?

IcE^_Dec 23, 2007 5:03PM
1) Lindrian If You Want To Take My Mirc Script Contact me ...

IcE^_Dec 23, 2007 5:08PM
2) Sid : the buttons set Your Settings : I placed in order to puts the user : Identify (Auto Identify, nickname, the channels and the server with $$?= All The Dialogs Is With $$?=

IcE^_Dec 23, 2007 5:14PM
3) Apachai : above in the title I write that This Script is simple , Very Simple And I Don't Have This in nobody user . not yet .

IcE^_Dec 23, 2007 5:17PM
4) twigboy : Hehehehe thanks :D I Love The Classic Music And I Have Added In My Mp3 List : Beethoven Chopin Tchaikovsky Mozart Bach etc .

nukemDec 23, 2007 6:38PM
Rating:     1Holy shit. This is fucking terrible.

Also, please figure out how to reply directly to other people's comments. You do this by clicking the link that says "Reply To This." I know this is a difficult concept, but please be vigilant.

FoLKeN^Dec 23, 2007 8:19PM
I wonder how someone is blind enough to not realize that his own work doesnt even deserve the right to be called a 'script'

I cant even understand how could someone be proud of that complete crap and that shameless to submit it to this site

SidDec 25, 2007 6:41PM
I think it's good that he's proud of his work.
He may not be good at designing like you, or me, or anyone else on this website, but hey man, if that's what he can do, then good for him.

Nobody should be embarassed by their own work, especially if they're new to scripting, which I assume this guy is, lol

One thing everyone should remember, is that we all sucked at scripting, when we first started.

Instead of dissing him, saying that his work is complete crap, we should encourage him to achieve more.
The guy just wanted to see what everyone thinks of the script he loves, the script he made.

You have to agree that right now, because of new DLLs like DCX, and advanced picture windows capabilities, mIRC GUI standards are very high.
That may mislead users/scripters though.

Imagine the most beautiful script in the world, amazing GUI, but it has no real functionality.
Just because a script looks very pretty, doesn't mean it's actually useful, or good in any way.

Take a look at other "better" screenshots of mIRC scripts, hell man, we have scripts out there that look like a motherfucking operating system.
I, personally, think that's a serious overkill of GUI.

Sure a script could look neat and flashy, but it's the usefulness which counts in the end.

We can use the example of mp3 players in mIRC dialogs/picwins.
Lets compare them to a command line player.

I want an mp3 player which has the ability to select a song to start, select a point in the song from which to start playing, select a point in the song to which it stops playing, moves onto the next one.

Anyway, point is, in this case of the mp3 players, a command-line player would be far more useful and contain more features, if you try to put all these features into a dialogged mp3 player, you will end up with a HUGE, ugly dialog.

k well, because we have all these flashy scripts out, scripters who don't make those kind of scripts nowdays, are considered lame, and "noobish".
Dissing them, will discourage them from doing any further scripting.

They think "heh, they don't like my work, they're advanced scripters, I must really suck *stops scripting forever*"

And I will take this even further.
Instead of dissing, we should all share our ideas together, and teach those who don't have the skills to create a super flashy fancy dialog script, how to create one.

We should share our codes, and ideas, and with that, we will be able to achieve more, and develop more technologically.

Imagine a whole world of programmers and scripters sharing ideas, nobody will diss "n00bs", instead, they take them under their wing, and teach them.
That allows the "n00bs" to learn more, and it's easier for them, because they have a mentor, a person who helps them learn.

So in conclusion, lets not discourage them, lets do the opposite, take them under our wings, and help them learn and develop themselves, and with that, we will also be able to develop ourselves.
If everyone programs for the fun of it, we will develop technologically much faster.

zzattackDec 28, 2007 5:36PM
no offence m8 but ur totally missing the point(s)
oh and merry christmas

this screenshot section is about noobies showing their shit scripts, and other noobies or somewhat more skilled shiz dissing them bigtime. the era of motivating speak is way behind us already. no better still, that's never been an 'era'. only a thought of the wishfull.

something you said requires further dissing of you as well:
you said something amongst the lines of "we should be taking the noobies under our wing, teach them; be like a mentor to them".
may i just say.. [size=20]LOL[/size]this is like expecting money to grow out of your balls or something.. like porn, patience is an FINITE resource. that means its not infinite. you cant keep on using it. there is no more after a certain ammount of usage. being patient with noobies would raise suicide reports with 20000%.

thats the 'well it could work but i dont like it' part of it

now here's why it wouldnt work even if we didnt care that we dont like it, which we damn well do, even you unconsciously
imagine me, being one 337 etc etc, starting to optimize some noob who's like a stupid bot not willing to work with a crappy debugger taking all of my CPU resourrces away. laggy video player in the background ftl. newayz, i tend to leave pplz willing to act like myself. that comes naturally. what if the not-quite-ready noobies start teaching new-noobies. now unlike my previous examples, noobies ARE an infinite resource. wasting time teaching them instead of doing your own shit is lame. when they're capable of being of use, they'll ditch you. they have their own ideas, ideals, plans, thoughts, whatever. and no matter how hard you try, they wont become as good as their "tutors" anyway


FoLKeN^Dec 28, 2007 7:08PM
there is a limit for what can be considered "nice for a newbie" and then encourage him to achieve more. anything above that limit will be mostly harmful for our eyes, and of course, will cause negative comments.

and this is far, FAR beyond that limit.

he also said he worked on *THIS* for more than 3 years. Being more than 3 years to come up with something like *THIS* is enough proof to tell mirc scripting is not for him, and encourage him to stop wasting his time and do something more productive (not mirc-related, if possible).

Text edited by author on Dec 28, 2007 @ 10:12PM

SidDec 29, 2007 3:04AM
Sid said:

They think "heh, they don't like my work, they're advanced scripters, I must really suck *stops scripting forever*"
Look at his comments below, and you'll see I was right about this.

Text edited by author on Dec 29, 2007 @ 3:05AM

AnarionDec 24, 2007 11:12AM
Rating:     1This is the utopia of the mIRC Scripting.

IcE^_Dec 24, 2007 2:07PM
5) FoLKeN^ provisionally I placed this photo here. I will Delete This Photo in certain days

FoLKeN^Dec 24, 2007 6:54PM

and get a better translator

KuTsuMDec 25, 2007 4:49AM
haha. Took me a second to realize he said provisionally

IcE^_Dec 24, 2007 2:16PM
Please I Don't Want To Send Me Bad Words For My Script . I have not found a better way to draw (My Mirc Script) with good graphic. If it is you propose me , Tell Me how Can I change The Graphics. I am not god in order that i can to know all ( The Scripting ) etc.

Sir HomerDec 24, 2007 3:22PM
Rating:     10Good job. Release!

blinkDec 25, 2007 6:30AM
this can't be life!

L_NicoonDec 25, 2007 6:56AM
I wonder what's going on in the admins heads when they accept screenshots like this.
I mean, seriously, scripts like these are beyond saving & noone is willing to contribute with constructive critisism because of this.
It'll spawn nothing but a flame war.

So why the hell bother accepting screenshots like this?

thame^Dec 25, 2007 8:51AM
Because nobody's submitting anything better these days. Besides, it's a great way to stir things up a little. Who cares.

LindrianDec 25, 2007 8:09AM
(19:38:05) (Lindrian) I want to report a offensive screenshot ;o
(19:38:13) (@sed) ok
(19:38:16) (Lindrian)
(19:38:22) (@zipperface) Is it fapworthy?
(19:38:25) (Lindrian) I think Im starting to get eyecancer
(19:38:26) (Lindrian) not sure
(19:38:33) (@sed) good one Lindrian
(19:38:36) (@zipperface) Definitely not fapworthy.

orkinDec 25, 2007 11:12AM

[Fe|ix]Dec 25, 2007 7:39PM
Set Your Settings.

[Znork]Dec 26, 2007 11:26AM
Rating:     1"Welcome to the word script system here you can change the colors of the word and and thanks popups. Simply use ctrl+l 12 just click in the set your word and thanks popups to change the colors and settings of the popups good luck !!! ."

At least he added that last punctuation in the end

I can't stop laughing :|

IcE^_Dec 26, 2007 11:52AM
:P [Znork] This Is My Dialog Script: Word Popups Scripts & Thanks Popups Scripts . it is constituted from 39 edits in that you can set anything words you want For example: lol Laughing Out Lout etc. and from 6 edits in that you Can Set thanks scripts Example: Thanks For The @ ! Or Why Did You Removed My @? .

tembyDec 26, 2007 3:52PM
Rating:     10PERFECT!

NoFxDec 27, 2007 10:08PM
What's your problem scriptters of today? I mean.. this guy is doing an effort as to improve his scriptting-skills and you score "1", is better if you don't score and comment something like : "Not bad, but it can improve"

Also there're a lot of assholes who comment insulting things and they show nothing of what they do.

Some guys has the right as to comment those things because they have shown what they know about scriptting..

But others? C'mon... first show us something what you've done, then you score "1".

About the script, as i said, it can be improved, keep trying.


SidDec 28, 2007 10:53AM
Yeah I agree with you on that.
read the reply I made to Folken a few days ago.

mIRC scripting has evolved, especially GUI.

the standards for GUIs in mIRC have become very high, and this screenshot obviously shows a big lack of eye candy GUI, this is why most people say it's bad.

hixxyDec 28, 2007 1:20PM
"Not bad, but it can improve" would be a blatant lie. I wouldn't wipe my arse with this screenshot.

Anyone that submits work should be ready to take criticism, and 5 minutes browsing through the site before submitting will show that it's not always constructive.

FoLKeN^Dec 28, 2007 7:12PM
dont feel bad. at least your ASCII chart thing looks better than this.

but it can be improved! keep trying.

NoFxDec 29, 2007 1:03PM
It's clear that you're argentinian. LOL

FoLKeN^Dec 30, 2007 2:01PM
and so are you, i dont get your point

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 1:11PM
I want to delete this photo now i do not bear other With The COMMENTS , I CAN'T PLEASE REMOVE MY PHOTO FROM HERE ............. PLEASE

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 1:12PM

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 1:13PM

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 1:17PM

teh_proxykillahDec 28, 2007 1:24PM
lol@last 4 comments!!!

Vic`Dec 28, 2007 1:41PM
don't feel bad IcE^ you can prolly code better than half the retards who posted on here. then they wonder why this site turned into one big shit hole.

thame^Dec 28, 2007 2:26PM
So what are you doing on this "one big shit hole", exactly? If you hate it so much, leave.

Vic`Dec 28, 2007 3:52PM
how about... you go fuck yourself?

thame^Dec 28, 2007 5:33PM
I guess that means you don't want to be here anymore then. Goodbye.

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 2:10PM
Vic` Sorry But I Can't THIS COMMENT I FEEL BAD I KNOW i can't Make a better script ;/ iam a nothing ;/ all say that My Mirc Script is <<ugly>> <<Stupid>> I want die I can't This :/

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 2:38PM
I cannot leave My Mircscript . because this is a piece of my life. I Have worked This 3 entire years. it is my right hand (Friend) That I Have .

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 2:40PM
I do not have nothing in the world . Only This I Have :/ And My Parents :/

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 2:45PM
I Want To Learn , I Want To Learn :/ HOW HOW HOW HOW Can I Make A Better Script Only This I Want How ? How Can I Make A Better Mirc Script How .

LindrianDec 28, 2007 2:49PM
You can start off by downloading a new mirc at
Deleting what you already have. Look at other people's screenshots and see what people think of that, if they like it, make something similar to it. Not too clustered, and make it easy on the eye. No colors and shit. Make it efficient aswell, instead of 20 editboxes, use a list. and so on!

And: Get a life. You're a very, very sad person. You keep posting emo bollocks. Stop that. And try to post all your stuff in one post, and not 10.

IcE^_Dec 28, 2007 6:08PM
Its a good idea Lindrian I know I Want transport My addons in new Mirc but My Addons it will be defectively Example The (Irc Intro Mp3 Player ) That I Have . but i will try This idea .

HavocDec 31, 2007 3:10PM
Rating:     10Ok here is how I see it. Alot of people making alot of negative comments is really depriving this person of what the site is intended for. Advice and help. Why make comments such as "Its ugly" or "Its trash" ect, when a simple "I dont like it, here is an idea you may try." Ice^ Im giving you a 10 dude cause you sucked it up and posted what ya had and asked for advice on how to make it better. For all those who want to talk trash and say his work sucks. I leave you with this to ponder. At least its not another HolloW clone. ;)

1) Too many buttons that do the same thing. Its redundant.
2) Learn DCX it will greatly help you with designs.
3) Try a dialog maker of some type until you learn to design better.
4) For the mp3 player try a checkbox or radio button for some of the options, it frees up space, looks cleaner, and eliminates more buttons.
5) Why would you need a Thank You popup? Is it like a thank you message for people that helped you or what? If so a small dialog that pops up one time when the script is first opened would be better.

Im no expert myself, but several people here have helped me become a better scripter. Listen to those who dont continually flame your work and ignore the ones that do. As they say "ignorance is bliss", so the flamers must be one happy bunch. Good luck and happy scripting.

SoloJan 22, 2008 11:22AM
Most of the comments here made me sick. It seemed that people actually enjoyed criticizing the scripter. I myself have always wondered how many supposedly good people would "turn" in times of anarchy riot and when there is no law and order and where they could get away with doing bad.

It seems to me that in the age of the internet where there is no come back for comments, insults flaming etc alot of people turn into green envious sick bastards that thrive on putting other people down because they have no confidence and the only way to make them selves feel better is my flaming on their fellow man. It these very same people who would turn on you when they know they could get away with it.

I have to say to you ice^_, ignore all the comments on here and let all these bastards find someone else to Disapprove of and belittle with their venomous malice and verbal poison. there is alot more to life then IRC addicts and mIRC scripters so don't be upset if some of the lowest of the low find a problem with your script. these rancorous people flame at eveyone and at everything to push their insignificant selves up a little and you are just one of their many victims. Ignore them.

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