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Who is MIRCScripts?

MIRCScripts is an information website where you can learn more about all local contractors in the USA. Before starting work with a particular home remodeling contractor customers are recommended to perform an integrated investigation which includes checking the license number, bond status, insurance and contact information of a contractor. It may appear quite difficult for an ordinary householder to find such data himself, and that's the reason we have created MIRCScripts! Here you can get all public information concerning the contractors dealing with home remodeling as well as the information from Better Business Bureau and state license boards. We offer you the detailed data on contractors' profiles - please check our directory for that. It will help you take the right decision and to choose the right service provider.

What local contractors can be found on

Our website has detailed information regarding all contractors providing home remodeling services like flooring, roofing, HVAC, drywall, decks & porches, insulation, bathroom and kitchen renovation etc. We also provide information about painting, home security and plumbing companies. Using our website you will easily find a qualified and reliable contractor for your needs. The majority of home improvement contractors you may find in our database are small companies specializing in home remodeling and maintenance.

Can I hire a contractor found on undoubtedly provides you with a lot of useful information that is located in our local contractor directory including contact information, bond information, licensing, insurance information of contractors and may other data we still suggest you checking everything yourself once again and via different sources before hiring a contractor. is a great place to start your personal research but when you finish with preparing a list of several best suitable contractors - please, check other websites including local state license board site as well and try to gather as much information as possible

Any other tips before I hire a home improvement contractor?

The best information about local remodeling contractors you can get from your relatives and friends - they will say the very true and honestly tell you about all advantages and disadvantages.

Contacting a contractor you are advised to ask whether they can provide some references and recommendation from past customers. It would be great if you have an opportunity to check their previous work yourself, especially if you are looking a contractor for a large and long project like, for instance, roofing.

Before signing the project it would be reasonable to get from a contractor all details in writing - specifications, payments schedule and blueprints. Try to ask for all relevant information you may need.

Online reviews like Yelp and Angie's List can be very useful as well.

Avoid paying all money in advance. The majority of credible contractors easily agree for some prepayment with later incremental payments. We also suggest you paying the last part - for example, 10% of the total sum - after the project is finished and you have carefully checked everything.

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